Image Teilenummer Hersteller Beschreibung Aussicht
26700-403 Image 26700-403 Aven Tools MONITOR LCD Anfrage
23736 Image 23736 Luxo LENS Anfrage
MV-RS15F Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales SCOPE: FLEXIBLE CABLE 1500MM Anfrage
26800B-460 Image 26800B-460 Aven Tools ADAPTER TO MOUNT RING LIGHTS Anfrage
60008 Luxo K-BASE 35.3LB FOR IFM 30" ARMS Anfrage
36205 Image 36205 Luxo BULB 13W FLUORESCENT REPLACEMENT Anfrage
26800B-476 Aven Tools GLIDING STAGE 300MM X 210MM Anfrage
492749-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors MICROSC ADAPT LIGHTRAY MT-RJ Anfrage
SPD026588 Image SPD026588 Luxo HANDLE BLACK Anfrage
69454 Image 69454 Klein Tools, Inc. 17 MM X 1 M GOOSENECK CAMERA Anfrage
26700-400-GN02 Image 26700-400-GN02 Aven Tools CYCLOPS LASER POINTER Anfrage
26700-135-4D Image 26700-135-4D Aven Tools SHARPVUE 4D LENS Anfrage
26505-B09 Image 26505-B09 Aven Tools BULB REPLACEMENT 9W Anfrage
26800B-465 Image 26800B-465 Aven Tools AUXILIARY LENS COVER Anfrage
50010WT Image 50010WT Luxo BASE WHITE Anfrage
31641 Image 31641 Luxo BULB 15W T-8 FOR FL SERIES Anfrage
26005 Aven Tools RETICLE SCALE NO.3 Anfrage
26501-SIV-T5 Image 26501-SIV-T5 Aven Tools REPLACEMENT BULB 22-WATT FOR 265 Anfrage
26505-RC Image 26505-RC Aven Tools REPLACEMENT CLAMP FOR 26505 SRS Anfrage
VPI-BH Easy Braid Co. VPI BOARD HOLDER Anfrage
MV-RS15K Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales SCOPE: FIXED CABLE 1500MM Anfrage
1278471-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors LIGHT BULB MICROSCOPE 2.5V Anfrage
26200A-212 Aven Tools ADAPTER FOR 1.125IN ID RING LGHT Anfrage
26700-405H Image 26700-405H Aven Tools MONITOR HOLDR FOR 8" LCD MONITOR Anfrage
1278134-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors ADAPTER 2.50MM UNIV MICROSCOPE Anfrage
26505-BT4 Aven Tools BULB 9 WATT BLACK Anfrage
26800B-429 Aven Tools ADAPTER PLATE FOR MICRO LENS Anfrage
26700-405 Image 26700-405 Aven Tools LCD MONITR 8" HD WITH HDMI INPUT Anfrage
492048-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors MICROSCOPE ADAPT UNIV 2.5MMX20 Anfrage
26800B-430 Image 26800B-430 Aven Tools ADAPTER PLATE FOR MACRO LENS Anfrage
26520-MB Image 26520-MB Aven Tools MAGNETIC BASE Anfrage
26505-RC-ESD Image 26505-RC-ESD Aven Tools REPLACEMENT CLAMP FOR 26505 SRS Anfrage
26700-400-L-4XLF Image 26700-400-L-4XLF Aven Tools CYCLOPS 4X LONG FOCUS LENS Anfrage
26800B-477 Image 26800B-477 Aven Tools GLIDING STAGE 75MM X 56MM Anfrage
26800B-452 Image 26800B-452 Aven Tools EYE GUARDS FOR DSW EYEPIECES Anfrage
26700-217 Image 26700-217 Aven Tools POLARIZER FOR MIGHTY SCOPE 5M Anfrage
26003 Image 26003 Aven Tools RETICLE SCALE NO.1 Anfrage
26800B-478 Image 26800B-478 Aven Tools GLIDING STAGE 300 X 250MM Anfrage
MH805 Luxo COPYHOLDER 36" INTERNAL 12"X10" Anfrage
502971-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors MICROSCOPE ADAPTER FSMA Anfrage
26800B-521 Image 26800B-521 Aven Tools ARBOR TILTABLE 25MM DIAMETER Anfrage
26800B-472 Image 26800B-472 Aven Tools GLIDING STAGE 140MM X 114MM Anfrage
26100-255-RC Image 26100-255-RC Aven Tools REMOTE CONTROL CAMERA 720P Anfrage
26501-RBLED Image 26501-RBLED Aven Tools REPLACEMENT LED BOARD Anfrage
MH801 Luxo COPYHOLDER 33" EXTERNAL 12"X10" Anfrage
26800B-435 Aven Tools ADAPTER FOR CCD CAMERAS Anfrage
504618-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors SC/APC ADAPTER MICROSCOPE 10X Anfrage
26100-403 Aven Tools SOFTWRE PC LINK FOR 26700-106 Anfrage
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